Jess Rose Workshops

6.30.18 Time : 10am Cost: $40 Shapes and Transitions on Spin (Int/Adv.) Length: 90 minutes Prerequisites: Brass monkey OR genie, butterfly, spinning invert/shouldermount and/or layback Description: In this workshop, we will work on unique transitions from our most favorite, classic moves that easily fit into combinations up and down the pole. We will also explore […]

Clack Attack

Clack Attack: Grab your favorite pair of Pleasers and clack the night away! This low flow, heels class will have you clacking in every which way. This 6 week class is suitable for anyone with 6 months or more pole dance experience. Students will learn one routine split into two, three week sessions. Dates: 4/3-5/8 Tuesdays […]

Intro to Pole-The Series

Intro to Pole-The Series: This six week series is designed for the student that’s just starting pole. A progressive course focusing on the basics of pole dance including spins, transitions, climbing and building your strength through conditioning exercises. At the end of the six week course students will have gained enough knowledge to put together […]

Gateway Pole Comp.

Pole Sport Organization is bringing the competition to St. Louis! Watch competitors from all over the Midwest as well as some local favorites, compete in exotic, dramatic, doubles, professional, championship and amateur pole dance.  For tickets visit: