Over & Out

After 10 years of pole dancing, 9 years of teaching pole and 7 years of running Dahlia, we are officially closed for business!

I have poured my heart into this business over the last seven years, I could tell the story but I’ve told it. Now, it’s time to tell my story about where I’ve been and where I’m going.

I have always been very ambitious, I went to college to become a teacher with the aspiration of working my way to superintendent. Teaching grade school did not work out for me, I didn’t know being a full time mother and wife was an option until my husband told me it was. I have always prioritized being a mother and a wife over being an ambitious career woman. When I opened Dahlia, I had planned to be both, to do everything because that’s what women are told to do. My husband helped me learn the value in taking care of the house. Influencing my small circle makes the biggest impact on the world around me. When it became clear that people in the pole world expected me to pour into them without regard to who I am and what’s important to me, I decided I needed to be out. It was a difficult decision to choose myself but I ultimately decided that I am most important because my family depends on me. I realized I couldn’t pour into my family if I’m also pouring into other people and ignoring what I needed to do for myself. Dahlia had to go because it just didn’t fit into my life.

I will always value the work I did with Dahlia and I am forever proud of what I built. I am more excited to be who I am full-time; a mother and a wife. There’s more to life than our careers, nobody will ever remember how much you worked except your family.