Jess Rose Workshops


Time : 10am

Cost: $40

Shapes and Transitions on Spin (Int/Adv.)

Length: 90 minutes

Prerequisites: Brass monkey OR genie, butterfly, spinning invert/shouldermount and/or layback

Description: In this workshop, we will work on unique transitions from our most favorite, classic moves that easily fit into combinations up and down the pole. We will also explore shapes and creating fluidity in shape play.

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Time: 11:45am

Cost: $40

Put Your Back Into It

Length: 90 minutes

Pre-Req: None

Get ready to take your back flexibility to the next level! In this workshop, we will focus on strengthening our backs and lengthening through our core as we explore upper, middle, and lower back techniques as well as increasing our shoulder and hip flexibility. You will learn how to train your back through the use of your own body strength, partner stretching, the pole, and even a chair!

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Clack Attack

Clack Attack: Grab your favorite pair of Pleasers and clack the night away! This low flow, heels class will have you clacking in every which way. This 6 week class is suitable for anyone with 6 months or more pole dance experience. Students will learn one routine split into two, three week sessions.





6 weeks for $75

Participants are required to sign up for all 6 weeks. Class passes and enrollments may be used to purchase all 6 weeks or purchase all 6 weeks for $75. This class may not be made up. No refunds.

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Intro to Pole-The Series

Intro to Pole-The Series: This six week series is designed for the student that’s just starting pole. A progressive course focusing on the basics of pole dance including spins, transitions, climbing and building your strength through conditioning exercises. At the end of the six week course students will have gained enough knowledge to put together a short routine. Suitable for students with 3 months or less of pole experience.

Tuesdays at 6:45-7:45pm


$75 for all 6 weeks

*Students must sign up for all 6 weeks. Any missed classes may result in loss of class credit. Missed classes may be made up at instructor discretion but not guaranteed. Absolutely no refunds will be given. Cancelation policy applies.

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Workshops w/ Jordan Mazur

Tumbling Transitions




“Why is my @$$ so heavy?!” If you’re looking for creative ways to get upside down without a standard inversion, less predictable and more interesting transitions, OR quick, seamless tumbles that will take you from the top to the bottom of the pole, this is the workshop for you! Students should be comfortable in leg hangs.

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Combos and Static Flow



All Levels


Trick your audience into thinking your static pole is on spin! This workshop will cover various tricks, combinations, and methods of utilizing placement, timing, and momentum to create a smooth, seamless flow in all of your movement and help prevent your static pole from becoming a stagnant pole.

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Workshops with Leah Franklin

Saturday January 6th, 2018

Two Girls One Cup Grip: 12-1:15pm $50

Master all things cup grip. In this class, we will focus on different cup grip spins, tricks and transitions (Ayesha grip changes, Marion Amber, iron x and Phoenix training). Taught by a cup grip expert, this static class is for Intermediate/advanced students. Students should be able to shoulder mount and invert comfortably.

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Fuck You I Won’t Do What You Tell Me: 1:30-2:45pm $50

Forget the rules, it’s time to do what you want! This class is strictly freestyle and for all levels. Journey through prompted dances of varying sexy style. Heels strongly recommended.

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Gateway Pole Comp.

Pole Sport Organization is bringing the competition to St. Louis!

Watch competitors from all over the Midwest as well as some local favorites, compete in exotic, dramatic, doubles, professional, championship and amateur pole dance. 

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