Performance Development


If your goal is to perform in a pole show for the first time, audition for an upcoming gig or perfect a current routine for a show you’re already cast in, Jess can help! Performing under the pseudonym Holly Merlot since 2015, Jess has been on the performer and producer side of many shows in the STL pole scene. Jess knows what producers look for in audition submissions as well as what an audience likes to see on stage, plus all the best angles to get those coveted performance photos for the gram.

Performance Resume

2015 Pole Kisses
2016 Poletry in Motion: Genderf*** Edition
2016 Girls at The Rock Show
2016 First Place NAPDCC-Sexy Floorwork
2016 9th Annual Michelle Mynx Extravaganza
2017 A Secret Creepshow: Exodus
2017 10th Annual Michelle Mynx Extravaganza
2017 Incantations
2017 PSO Gateway Level 3 Competitor-4th Place
2018 Ruby’s Dirty 30
2018 El Monstero Dancer
2018-2019 Dark Angel Presents: Hidden Treasures of the Lou
2018 Dahlia Student Showcase
2018 The Flying Marionettes Present: A Night at the Movies
2019 COCA Annual Gala
2019 Michelle Mynx Extravaganza
2020 STL Pole Show
2022 STL Pole Show Alt. Edition
2023 Zodiac