Class Schedule and Descriptions


Pole dance and pole fitness are used interchangeably in order to describe a movement that empowers men and women, allows them to be free of inhibitions, discover and explore the abilities of their bodies and build self confidence and esteem. Many types, shapes and sizes of people are drawn to pole because of all it has to offer. While some pole dancers focus more on athleticism and raw strength to achieve those desired power moves, other dancers focus more on flexibility and grace in order to create an art that undeniably and unequivocally allows them to become other worldly. What will you style be? What will your art look like? Join the class that’s right for you and find out.

Current Class Schedule:

Monday: 7:15pm Corecrux

Monday: 8:15pm Beginner Pole

Tuesday: 5:45pm Twisted Warrior

Tuesday: 6:45pm All Mixed Up

Thursday: 6:30pm Choose Your Own Adventure

Thursday: 7:30pm Low to the Flow

Friday: 6:30pm Intermediate and Advanced Pole Tricks 

Friday: 7:40pm Get Stretched

Sunday: 10am Beginner Pole 

Sunday: 11am Get Your Asana Mat

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Beginner Pole: Suitable for the returning pole dancer or those that have never had the pleasure of taking a pole dance class in the past! This class is a great fit for anyone new to an exercise program all the way to the avid exerciser. Gain confidence while learning the basics of pole dance.

Intermediate Pole: For the pole dancer who is working on inverting, already inverting safely, has been pole dancing consistently for a minimum of 6-12 months or is returning to pole dance after a short hiatus. Intermediate pole focuses on progressing the dancer in strength moves, body grips, flexibility as well as reviewing the foundations of pole dance such as spins, transitions, etc.

Choreography and Pole-Ography: Students will learn how to combine floor, pole, transitions and tricks into a seamless and level appropriate routine.

Clack Attack: Grab your favorite pair of Pleasers and clack the night away! This low flow, heels class will have you clacking in every which way.

Intro to Pole-The Series: This six week series is designed for the student that’s just starting pole. A progressive course focusing on the basics of pole dance including spins, transitions, climbing and building your strength through conditioning exercises. At the end of the six week course students will have gained enough knowledge to put together a short routine. Suitable for students with 3 months or less of pole experience.

Buff Your Stuff : Want to increase your strength and endurance? Let’s Buff Your Stuff!!

This Bootcamp style class incorporates a mixture of cardio and strength training to get your heart pumping, increase your metabolism, and build muscle. We will focus on exercises to cross train for pole performance using your body weight, resistance bands, and other fun tools. All fitness levels are welcome.

Open Pole: Open Pole is for anyone wishing to spend unstructured time on the pole. No instruction will be given during this time. Students absolutely may not, under any circumstances attempt any tricks that require spotting. Students wishing to participate in inverted tricks, aerial or otherwise, must be a current Dahlia intermediate/advanced level student or instructor and must have approval from Dahlia intermediate/advanced level instructors to attempt any inverted skills. The purpose of Open Pole is to practice skills students have already learned, rehearse or build routines and to allow students extra pole time. Please allow for a safe environment for all by adhering to expectations. Instructor supervising reserves the right to ask anyone not adhering to the expectations to no longer attend Open Pole.

Essential Flow : Essential Flow is for pole students looking to combine basic vertical movement with transitional floor movement. Students must be able to climb efficiently, execute knee holds such as jasmine or hood ornament, sit and be working toward inversions or descents. Heels are optional for students looking for more of a challenge.

High Intermediate/Advanced Pole Tricks and Transitions: INSTRUCTOR PERMISSION REQUIRED

Must be fully capable of the following on BOTH sides:

One handed spin/ Blind Spin

Pretty Climb

Side Climb

Straddle Invert


Inside leg hang

Outside leg hang


Brass monkey

Layback (ankle hang, cross knee release, or thigh hang)


Regular/split grip Ayesha

Pole and Destroy: Destroy your pole goals in this pole conditioning class focused on strength and technique. If you’re working on a pole milestone, adding a new level of difficulty, or perfecting what you already know, then this class is for you.

This class is appropriate for experienced* Beginners to Advanced.

*Experienced Beginners must be capable (not perfect!) of the following on BOTH sides:

Fireman Series

Chair Spin

Climb at least 1 to 2 times up the pole

Side Climbing 1 to 2 times up the pole

Tuck and hold for 10+ seconds



Handstand with pole

Inverted Crucifix from handstand or a safe invert

Get Stretched: I see flexibility in your future! It doesn’t matter where you’re at in your flexibility now because I will teach you how to get there. Learn how to stretch for your splits, straddles, back bends, forward folds, and more! In this class we will use a variety of techniques to get you bending over backwards and forwards with active, passive and partner stretching. Wear layers, bring knee pads or a small pillow (optional for sensitive knees), water, a rag, and be prepared to sweat!

All Levels

Low to the Flow: Do you love that low flow, though don’t know where to start? I’ll show you how to work your way around the base of the pole and flow to the floor better than Alex Mack*. In this class you will learn techniques and tricks involving weight distribution, articulating movement through your entire body, using momentum to your advantage, and connecting tricks with transitions that make them look as if they’re one. We will go in and out of using heels so please bring heels and socks. Wear layers over proper pole attire (shorts and sport bra), bring knee pads or leg warmers, heels, socks, water, a rag, and be prepared to feel the flow! Essentials or Advanced Beginners – Advanced

*See The Secret World of Alex Mack

Choose Your Own Adventure: Prerequisites: Student should be comfortable with basic static spins and climbs, and working on/toward inverting from the floor, jasmine, hip holds, leg hangs, genie, super woman, leg switches/swivels, shoulder mount, and brass monkey.

Description: A puzzle-based class where students will be given individual tricks or combos and be tasked with the challenge of discovering unique entrances and exits, as well as transitions into other tricks on their own. Entrances/exits, transitions, and variations will be discussed before and during to help students build a greater understanding of not only how to build phrases on their own but also so they can slowly discover their own personal “flow” and intuitive movement while expanding their pole vocabulary.

CoreCrux: Calling all wizards, witches and muggles!!! Dreaming of catching the game winning golden snitch? Then this conditioning class is perfect for you. Designed to help you discover the balance and magic within, this class consists of basic core conditioning on and off the pole that will help you develop and control your core. CoreCrux will prepare you for poses both upright and upside down. Simple exercises geared towards beginners but all levels welcome.

All Mixed Up: A mixed level pole tricks class suitable for students who have completed Essentials of Pole or have at least 3 months pole experience and higher. Pre-requisites: pole sits, climbs, jasmine, beginning to invert, basic spins. Learn to combo or work on developing mid-level skills.

Twisted Warrior: Combining HIIT, stretch and resistance bands for a calorie blasting, booty building class.

Private lessons available. Prices vary by instructor. Contact instructor directly or email studio for more information.