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Pole dance and pole fitness are used interchangeably in order to describe a movement that empowers men and women, allows them to be free of inhibitions, discover and explore the abilities of their bodies and build self confidence and esteem. Many types, shapes and sizes of people are drawn to pole because of all it has to offer. While some pole dancers focus more on athleticism and raw strength to achieve those desired power moves, other dancers focus more on flexibility and grace in order to create an art that undeniably and unequivocally allows them to become other worldly. What will you style be? What will your art look like? Join the class that’s right for you and find out.

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Which class is right for you?

Beginner Level Classes 

These classes are suitable for those that have no pole/fitness experience or are returning to pole after a year or longer.

Beginner Pole: New to pole? New to dance or fitness? Beginner Pole is where you’ll start your journey! Each class you will become stronger and more graceful as you learn how to move around and up the pole. Learn your first spins, sits, climb and combinations to create a solid foundation of movement and body awareness.

Beginner and Beyond Pole: This class is a mixed level class suitable for those with no pole or fitness experience to students with lots of pole or fitness experience. Students will work on level appropriate skills. ALL LEVELS

Intro to Pole-The Series: This six week series is designed for the student that’s just starting pole. A progressive course focusing on the basics of pole dance including spins, transitions, climbing and building your strength through conditioning exercises. At the end of the six week course students will have gained enough knowledge to put together a short routine. Best for students with 3 months or less of pole experience.

Low Flow Choreo Series: A six week series for those wanting to learn musicality, movement and the creativity of building choreography showing how movements can connect into a fluid dance. This series will develop a routine that will build out with each class taken. Heels recommended but not required. ALL LEVELS

Get Stretched: We see flexibility in your future! In this class, students will learn how to stretch for splits, straddles, back bends, forward folds and more! Using a variety of techniques to get you bending over backwards and forwards with active, passive and partner stretching. Wear layers (bring knee pads or small pillow for sensitive knees), water, rag and be prepared to sweat! ALL LEVELS

Bootylicious: Show off your best ass-sets with this booty-focused class. Get your cardio on while learning twerks, bounces, poses and combos that would make Sir Mix-a-Lot proud! No prior pole or twerk experience required! Knee coverage and flat shoes recommended. ALL LEVELS

Partner Pole Conditioning and Tricks: In this class, we will motivate each other with partner strength and conditioning movements utilizing different planes of the body. We will also incorporate doubles tricks on the pole learning how to synchronize movements and make beautiful shapes together. No partner? No problem! We’ll pair you up in class! ALL LEVELS


Classes with Prerequisites

These classes may be mixed level but have prerequisites in order to take them.

Beginner Pole Combos. & Transitions: Beginner level class focusing on the stuff between the spins and tricksPrerequisites: must have at least 6 weeks pole experience

Don’t Step on a Crack: A back bend focused 90 minute class. The first half of this class is spent warming up, stretching, clearing mobility and finding the full range of motion needed in order to back bend safely and deeply. We will then shift our focus to combos around the bottom half of the pole that focus on back bends. Finally, we take our fresh bends up the pole to work on the back bend trick of the evening. Reward yourself at the end of class with some nice forward folds. Prerequisites: layback (or working on it), advanced plank (or basic plank), brass monkey (or working on them), handstands, superman (or working on it), jasmine.

IntX: Drop, slink, straddle and glide into intermediate level pole tricks and spins. Join this TRICKS class with a twist on learning different exotic flares and movements to find your own sexy style. Shoes and knee pads recommended. Prerequisites: safely inverting, solid spins, working on shoulder mounts, laybacks, planks, must have 6-12 months pole dance experience. 

Inversions and Handsprings: This class is apprioriate for students who have taken at least 10 months consistent Beginner Pole classes. In this class, we will condition to improve and challenge your current inversions and handsprings, as well as learn new ways to invert and handspring on the pole! We will go over inversions and handsprings such as: high-v invert, shoulder mount in various grips, flag press, extended butterfly, ayesha in various grips (split, elbow, cup, twisty, football, etc.) and more! Prerequisites: MUST BE FULLY CAPABLE OF THE FOLLOWING ON BOTH SIDES: fireman series, chair spin, basic climb, side climb, jasmine, layback (cross knee, ankle hang or thigh hang), basic invert (if close to an invert but can safely descend into crucifix or butterfly, as well as tuck and hold against pole for 10+ seconds, along with all other prereqs., please contact instructor to be evaluated), handstand against wall and pole, inverted crucifix from a controlled basic invert, butterfly.

Tricks and Transitions: This class is structured to discover the many intricacies of a specific trick. Over the course of 4-6 weeks, students will learn multiple entrances, exits, shapes, and variations of a trick on both static and spin. This gives the students a variety of ways to learn what works best for their body and begin utilizing and building combinations. Entrances/exits, transitions, and variations will be discussed before and during to help students build a greater understanding of not only how to create phrases on their own but also so they can slowly discover their own personal “flow” and intuitive movement while expanding their pole vocabulary. Prerequisites: Advanced Beginners (at least 10 months of consistent pole experience) through intermediate level students. Should be familiar with different grips (split, cup, twisted, etc.), basic static spins and various climbs on static and spin (regular, side, ankle, etc). Working on/toward inverting from the floor, jasmine, crucifix (upright & inverted), hip holds, leg hangs, leg switches/swivels, genie, superman, shoulder mount and brass monkey.

High Intermediate/Advanced Pole Tricks and Transitions: INSTRUCTOR PERMISSION REQUIRED

Must be fully capable of the following on BOTH sides:One handed spin/ Blind Spin, Pretty Climb, Side Climb, Straddle Invert, Shouldermount, Inside leg hang, Outside leg hang, Flag, Brass monkey, Layback (ankle hang, cross knee release, or thigh hang), Butterfly, Regular/split grip Ayesha

Private lessons available. Prices vary by instructor. Contact instructor directly or email studio for more information.