Class Schedule and Descriptions

Dahlia Classes

Pole dance and pole fitness are used interchangeably in order to describe a movement that empowers men and women, allows them to be free of inhibitions, discover and explore the abilities of their bodies and build self confidence and esteem. Many types, shapes and sizes of people are drawn to pole because of all it has to offer. While some pole dancers focus more on athleticism and raw strength to achieve those desired power moves, other dancers focus more on flexibility and grace in order to create an art that undeniably and unequivocally allows them to become other worldly. What will you style be? What will your art look like? Join the class that’s right for you and find out.

Current Class Schedule:

Monday : 7:15pm Beginner Pole with Erin

Tuesday : 1:15pm Mixed Level Pole with Holly

Wednesday : 6:15pm Contemporary Pole-Ography with Kylie

Thursday : 7:30pm Beginner Pole with Erin

Friday : 6:30pm Intermediate and Advanced Pole Conditioning with Kirstie

Which class is right for you?

Beginner Pole: Suitable for the returning pole dancer or those that have never had the pleasure of taking a pole dance class in the past! This class is a great fit for anyone new to an exercise program all the way to the avid exerciser. Gain confidence while learning the basics of pole dance.

Intermediate Pole: For the pole dancer who is working on inverting, already inverting safely, has been pole dancing consistently for a minimum of 6-12 months or is returning to pole dance after a short hiatus. Intermediate pole focuses on progressing the dancer in strength moves, body grips, flexibility as well as reviewing the foundations of pole dance such as spins, transitions, etc.

Advanced Pole: Instructor permission is generally required in order to participate in any advanced pole class. Students must be able to safely invert and shoulder mount from the floor, aerial invert whether by lifting hips over head or a controlled descent. Advanced pole students will continue to progress strength moves, body grips and flexibility as well as work on/learn deadlifts, handsprings, hand grips, etc.

Stretch: Get bendy! Literally….Learn how to get that flat split, wear your feet as a hat or sit on your head. Whether your split is a foot off the ground or you’re already flat and working on oversplits, this class is geared toward all levels.

Choreography and Pole-Ography: Students will learn how to combine floor, pole, transitions and tricks into a seamless and level appropriate routine.

Clack Attack: Grab your favorite pair of Pleasers and clack the night away! This low flow, heels class will have you clacking in every which way.

Intro to Pole-The Series: This six week series is designed for the student that’s just starting pole. A progressive course focusing on the basics of pole dance including spins, transitions, climbing and building your strength through conditioning exercises. At the end of the six week course students will have gained enough knowledge to put together a short routine. Suitable for students with 3 months or less of pole experience.

Buff Your Stuff

Want to increase your strength and endurance? Let’s Buff Your Stuff!!

This Bootcamp style class incorporates a mixture of cardio and strength training to get your heart pumping, increase your metabolism, and build muscle. We will focus on exercises to cross train for pole performance using your body weight, resistance bands, and other fun tools. All fitness levels are welcome.

Limited Offerings as well as Offered via private lesson only:


Lollipop lyra is a freestanding lyra or aerial hoop. Private lessons are offered, call for more details.

Performance Ready

Available by private lesson or workshop only, this class focuses on preparing for performances meant to entertain.


Call for more information! Pole, chair, burlesque, floor or twerk available!