Class Levels

Pole classes are divided into Levels 1-4 based on skills taught. See Student Checklists below to determine which level suits you best. Students with no experience are considered Level 1.

Please choose which level you would like to view below, you may print a Student Checklist to track your own progress.


Level 1: Students will be introduced to and work on the foundations of pole. They will begin building the strength necessary to help them throughout their pole experience. 

Level 2: Students will begin doing things aerially and one handed Level 1 skills as well as continue to improve Level 1 skills. Students will begin to combine tricks and transitions in order to create fluidity.

Level 3: Students will have mastered all Level 1 skills on both sides and one handed. Students are working on mastering all Level 2 skills. Students will begin adding flexibility based tricks as well as strength based tricks.

Level 4: Students will begin working on extreme flexibility movements and/or extreme strength moves. Students at this level have mastered the requirements of Level 3 and all previous Level 1/2  skills. Students should have proficient understanding of modifications, ability and should cross train strength/flexibility regularly. There is no check list for this level. Level 4 only classes are by instructor permission only.